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Advice and Trends

Prepararse para una entrevista.

The best way to show off in an interview is to prepare for it. It may sound obvious, but it's not. Too many candidates go into an interview without knowing about the industry, the company and its problems. Remember this: you're there to solve a problem. Otherwise, the company wouldn't be looking for someone. Follow the steps below to give a good job interview.

Meet the company.

Find out as much information as you can about the position, the company and its needs so that you can show that your background fits those needs. You can gather information by reading the company's website, looking for articles that may appear on the Internet, and asking your contacts within the market who know the company.

Know yourself.

Review and distinguish the skills and personality traits that you feel will be an asset to the company. Think about the value you can add to the position and the company. 

Know your professional background.

Review your accomplishments and be prepared to describe your work experience in detail. Practice describing your experience from the point of view of your responsibilities and accomplishments in each job. You can collect letters of reference and examples of your work to present to the interviewer as proof of your work accomplishments.  

Know the questions.

You will most likely be asked broad questions about yourself during the interview, such as, "Tell me about yourself." Think about this question from the boss's perspective. Ask yourself, "If I were looking for someone for this position, what would I want to know?" and prepare answers to those questions. You should also be prepared for tough, specific questions. Think about the toughest questions you might be asked about your experience and skills, and prepare positive answers. 

Prepare questions to ask.

Employers are interested in both your questions and your answers. They will respond favorably if you ask them interesting questions about the position, the company and the industry. (Examples: Where does this position fit into the company as a whole? Are there any current difficulties in the company related to not meeting goals, etc.? What is the main difficulty that the company's employees are currently encountering? 

Visualiza la entrevista completa, desde el inicio hasta el final, e imagínate a ti mismo llevándola a cabo con confianza.

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