Executive Search
Executive Search

Direct search,
Head Hunting.
Middle, top and
Senior management.


Direct Search and Headhunting for positions in Middle, Senior Management, and Executive level. Service aimed at identifying and attracting top talents in the market, high-level candidates within a specific industry, who may not necessarily be actively seeking a job change. Senior consultants with extensive experience in the sector lead the processes of candidate identification, selection, and evaluation, ensuring access to suitable executives with the technical competencies and cultural fit required for each project.


The service consists of 8 stages, ranging from gathering the search profile to the positioning and subsequent follow-up of selected candidates. This is complemented by psychometric interviews, competency and skills assessments, verification of employment references, as well as advice on compensation and negotiation of job offers.

Deliverables for Executive Search Projects:
  • Job Description and Candidate Profile definition.
  • Initial Mapping of Potential Candidates presentation.
  • Talent Partners Consultants Internal Interviews.
  • Psycholaboral Interviews | Competency Assessment.
  • Competency and Value Tests Assessment.
  • Previous Employment References Verifications.
  • Compensation and Benefits Advisory.
  • Presentation and Negotiation of Job Offers.
Candidate Attraction

We have extensive experience and diverse tools that allow us to access the best candidates in the market quickly and accurately. We offer a highly professional, respectful, and quality-focused service, ensuring the delivery of exceptional results.

Tools for Candidate Identification and Attraction:
  • Internal Executives Data Base.
  • Direct Search (Head Hunting).
  • Confidential Job Postings.
  • Referral Program.
  • Networking | Senior Advisors.
Project Management

We provide our clients and candidates with the value of having access to the best technology in the industry. We utilize cutting-edge, internationally awarded SaaS and ATS platforms that facilitate communication, control, and interaction among all parties involved in the projects we lead.

On this platform, our clients can rate, preselect, or discard candidates, as well as forward them internally within the company and communicate directly with the consultant leading the search project.


To ensure confidentiality and quality of results, we have continuous training programs and management controls for our executives, as well as various internal tools and policies. 

Tools to Ensure Confidentiality:
  • Personal Data Protection.
  • Limitation of Disclosure of Specific Details.
  • Confidential Feedback.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Information Access Control.
  • Internal Training and Awareness.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Direct search,
Head Hunting.
Middle, top and
Senior management.


Job Description
and Search Strategy.

Candidate Identification
and Attraction.

Internal Consultants.

Short List Delivery
and Client Interviews.

Background Check.

Additional Tests
and Evaluations.

Offer Management
and Negotiation.

and Follow Up.